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Preparing for a routine inspection

28 May 2014 Christies Beach 0 Comment



Routine inspections can be stressful for some people but they don’t have to be. Here are a few handy tips on how to prepare for your routine inspection.

Obviously you need to make sure your home is clean and looked after inside and out. The carpets need to be vacuumed and stain free, the kitchen needs to be clean including the oven and stove top, which needs to be clean and free of burnt food or carbon stains. You need to make sure that all wet areas and bedrooms are clean and accessible.

If you regularly clean and maintain your home then you will have less to think about on inspection day. Here are a few things that can sometimes be easy to forget.

Window tracks
Although most tenants remember to clean their windows, you must also remember to clean the window sills and tracks as they can get a build-up of dust, cob webs and dead bugs.

Exhaust fan
So you have finished cleaning your bathroom or kitchen and it looks fantastic but did you remember to look up? Make sure you regularly clean your exhaust fan; this will not only increase the life of the fan but it will look great for your inspection.

Walls and woodwork
Overtime your will notice marks appearing, particularly in high traffic areas, near door handles or light switches. Every couple of months and before your inspection walk around your home and carefully wipe off any marks.

Don’t forget to clear out those cob webs and while you’re there check smoke alarms and light fittings. Not only should they be clear of dust, bugs or dirt; make sure they are all functioning properly.

Freshly cut lawn looks great but the grass also needs to be green. If you cut the lawn regularly (perhaps every 2-3 weeks, depending on weather) and remember to water in the warmer months then your lawn should always get a good report.

Ensure dogs are secured or restrained for the duration of your inspection. All pet droppings also need to be removed.


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