Visiting Christies Beach?

Beach. Christies Beach. Photo taken by James Barry at the Professionals Christies Beach real estate agency (1)

If you are visiting Christies Beach or just new to the area you may be still discovering where everything is and what there is to do.

Check out the Onkaparinga Events Calendar to find out what is happening near you.

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Christies Beach has so much to offer with restaurants, shops, parks, schools and of course our beautiful beach. The beach is enjoyed by residents all year round with swimming and golden sands in summer and fabulous skies and waves in winter.

We also have our own Christies Beach and Tourism Association which is working hard every day to make this area even more spectacular!

Come and check us out!


Christies Beach - The Beach - Photo take by Professionals Christies Beach real estate agency e


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Visiting Christies Beach?


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