First Home Buyers – Be Quick!


For those of you looking to buy your first home and are not sure about what grants are available please refer to the table below as some grants are expiring on the 30th of June 2014.

New Homes* Up to
First Home Owner Grant (from 15 October 2012#) $15 000
First Home Owner Grant (1 July 2002 to 14 October 2012#) $7000
Please see the First Home Buyers Grants Table for previous amounts
Housing Construction Grant (15 October 2012 to 31 December 2013#) $8500
If you are purchasing an off-the-plan apartment that meets the required criteria, you may also be eligible for a Off-the-plan Concession (stamp duty) $21 330


 Established Homes Up to
First Home Owner Grant (22 November 2012 to 30 June 2014#) $5000
First Home Owner Grant (1 July 2000 to 21 November 2012#) $7000

# For eligible transactions entered into


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