How about a career in real estate?

Analysis of the country’s top three job searching websites by has revealed the property and real estate industry saw a 25% increase in jobs posted online between 2012 and December 2013.

Professionals SA CEO, Ted Piteo, said there were many factors that made real estate an attractive career to both men and women.

“It’s a great ‘second’ career for many people and it is equally accessible to men or women, of any age and background,” he said.

“Real estate sales offers flexible hours, people contact, and it’s a career that as long as you can talk and relate well to people, and you’re prepared to work hard, you can build your own niche and earn good remuneration,” he said.

“People often think of real estate sales but there is also the whole side of property management where you work with landlords and tenants, settlements/conveyancing, plus many administrative and marketing rolls within real estate.

“People from many varied backgrounds, including farming, teaching, sales, retail, or trades, can find a good home in a real estate career and it is an industry that is as accessible in regional and country areas as it is in the city.

“Possibly, working in property in country towns may be slightly easier when people are starting out, because they tend to have a wider range of contacts in their local area, and a great knowledge of what is attractive about their town.”

The figures also showed the mining boom is well and truly over, with a 66% drop in jobs posted online in mining, oil and gas.


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