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Economic growth predicted for South Australia

3 Apr 2014 Christies Beach 0 Comment

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The latest report from Deloitte has highlighted South Australia as having a huge number of growth prospects in the near future, with increasing opportunities for health and aged care possibilities, as well as rising industries in ICT, food processing and the super growth of things like agribusiness, resources and tourism.

With increasing economic growth across the state, there could be something enticing for a number of people across the nation looking for change in their lives. With the growth of state economies, infrastructure and job opportunities comes an influx of people – spurred on by the expected population boom heading towards Australia over the next few years.

South Australia Managing Partner of Deloitte Jody Burton said domestic sectors will be more important for South Australia than other states, with the highest growth potential for these sectors across the state.

One thing being highlighted by the report is the potential for new ocean resources, as well as food processing and other similar sectors enabled by technologic advances.

“With such a variety of sectors at the intersection of these new and emerging trends, future growth opportunities certainly exist for a large number of South Australia’s small and medium enterprises – businesses that are the lifeblood of our state’s economy,” said Ms Burton in a March 24 statement.

As the state begins to gain speed, now could be the perfect time for people to consider moving to the region. If you’re seeking real estate advice about the home options in the region, now could be the time to get in touch with a property expert.

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