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Message from Mayor Rosenberg: Jamie Olivers Ministry of Food in Onkaparinga

27 Feb 2014 Christies Beach 0 Comment

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I am excited to inform you of a tremendous opportunity for the City of Onkaparinga and our communities.

We have been invited to pursue a Jamie Oliver Pop up Kitchen within our city for the next 12 months at no cost to our Council.

Time is of the essence and we are looking for quick and widespread support across our region from as many people and organisations as possible.

This week we’ve partnered with Colonnades Shopping Centre to enter a national competition to bring Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food to our communities. Jamie is one of the world’s most recognised and well respected celebrities, with a passion for education on the benefits of cooking healthy nutritious food at home simply and easily. His mission is to make great healthy food accessible to the world.

If we are selected as the winning region, Australia’s first Ministry of Food Pop-up Kitchen will be based in our city at Noarlunga. This could deliver major benefits to our entire region and would make a positive impact on the health of our residents through education and behavioral change.

We know that many people in the City of Onkaparinga and within the Colonnades trade area are in need of education on food, healthy cooking and general well being.

Statistics tell us that nearly 40 per cent of residents are overweight, with 23 per cent classified as obese – that’s nearly 1 in 5 people. Residents in our region are also 1.8 times more likely to eat fast food compared to the SA average.

If successful in our bid, Colonnades Shopping Centre will take a vacant shop space and provide the resources to turn it into a first class facility that will house the Ministry of Food Pop-up Kitchen. It would also be a great asset to our whole region, providing an easily accessible facility that can be used by schools, community and business groups.


We ask that you share this news across your networks and encourage everyone to sign the petition here – http://chn.ge/1o4rNsh

For those on Facebook, we ask that you regularly visit our City of Onkaparinga page and like, comment and share our posts, which we will be updating daily – https://www.facebook.com/cityofonkaparinga

And when you’re sharing or commenting on social media we ask that you please type in the following tags to link all social media posts to the campaign:
#noarlunganeedsjamieoliver #noarlungafoodrevolution
@colonnadesshoppingcentre @cityofonkaparinga

The campaign ends on Sunday evening March 2. Following this our team will collect all social media responses, petition signatures and develop a big package to go to Jamie Oliver on Wednesday March 5.

Please help us with this exciting opportunity. Let’s convince Jamie Oliver that the City of Onkaparinga needs this.

Kind regards

Lorraine Rosenberg




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