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Professionals lead the industry with changes in digital marketing

29 Apr 2013 Christies Beach 0 Comment

Augmented Reality is the next big step forward in print advertising. It provides an
easy way to allow readers to move from print media to the interactive digital age.

Professionals is the fi rst real estate group to imbed digital content into their print
advertisements and signboards using an application called Layar.

This app will allow you to read a print advertisement and unlock photo carousels,
videos, go to our web page or download a brochure for each property directly to your
iPhone, iPad or Android device and to contact the agent simply by pointing the camera at
the advertisement or signboard.

It is quick, simple and easy.

Unlike QR codes which require a barcode type of image to be scanned, consume
valuable space, and can look messy on the page, this new technology actually embeds the
digital content (additional images, videos and brochures) into the advertisement. Using
the Layer app you simply point the camera at the Professionals advertisement or
signboard, press the scan button and watch as a host of additional information comes to
life right in the palm of your hand.
To begin, download the free app from the apple app store or google play and
unlock an amazing amount of additional embedded information.
Real Estate marketing has just taken a quantum leap forward.


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