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New app lifts homes right off the page!

29 Apr 2013 Christies Beach 0 Comment

This article appeared in the Saturday Advertiser, Saturday 27 April 2013.


The search for the perfect home has entered another dimension with one Adelaide real estate agency embracing a new technology making it easier for house hunters to connect with their dream property.


Professionals launch augmented reality advertising in today’s new-look Real Estate magazine which allows readers to interact with digital content about their properties through a free app called layar.


Using an Apple or Android device’s camera function, the app places a layar of digital content over the newspaper, bring to life home advertisements with galleries, videos, agent contact details and more.


Professionals South Australia chief executive officer Ted Piteo said augmented reality encourages further connection with print advertising.

“It brings print media to life and it’s about giving the reader the best experience,” Mr Piteo said.

“We know the amazing advantages of print media and this enhances that hugely and the industry would be silly not to follow our lead.”


Mr Piteo said The Advertiser’s Real Estate magazine gave the technology a wide audience.

The Advertiser’s Real Estate magazine is unique in that it has one magazine that covers the entire state and all areas and all ages can pick it up any time, so we are in a privileged position in that it services all consumers and the entire market,” he said.


Advertiser Newspapers regional director Ish Davies said innovations like augmented reality and QR codes extend the value of print advertising and allowed readers to further connect with properties.

“You can enjoy your Real Estate magazine and then through initiatives like the Professionals, suddenly it comes alive in your hands,” he said

“Traditionally people would have seen an ad in the paper and then called the agent and gone to an inspection, but now you find a property that you’re interested in through this image recognition software you’ve gone from a casual browser to being actively involved in researching it, and that’s pretty cool.”


Mr Davies said given the Real Estate magazine’s large audience, the potential for companies to try new advertising initiatives was enormous.

“We have seen a number of companies in recent months being prepared to try new things, whether it be large format advertisements or aerial photography.

“We know from all the feedback we’re getting from the agents, and we’re getting some fantastic testimonials, that our new-look Real Estate magazine is clearly connecting with people.”


Tom Bowden

Real Estate Editor

Saturday Advertiser 27.4.13


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